‘I worked as a teacher at Bright Light Nursery School for 3 months without pay. I lost morale to work because I could no longer afford to pay school fees for my brother and take care of my sick mother and was thinking about going back to the village. When I asked the head teacher to pay my arrears, he threatened to terminate me.

On the 8th of August 2018, a friend advised me to file a complaint with the labour office and when I did, the labour officer referred me to PLA. The lawyer summoned the head teacher and he agreed to pay the money in two installments. I received the last installment on the 8th February 2019. I used the money to pay school fees for my brother. I got a new job at a another primary School and my salary is being paid on time. I commend PLA for the good work it is doing in fighting for rights of marginalized workers. As narrated by Akello Christine a 23 year old teacher.