Mugisha Ian is a 33 year old resident of Nansana Wakiso District. He was unfairly terminated after working as a teacher in a Primary School, Namasuba.

In 2018, I was unfairly terminated by the directors of the school without a fair hearing.” I had heard about PLA in 2013 on Simba radio from where I got the toll free line. I contacted them through a toll free line and was advised to report to PLA offices for legal advice. In September 2018, I came to PLA and reported my legal issue.

The lawyer called my former employer for a mediation during which he agreed to remit my N.S.S.F amounting to 910,000 shillings and salary advance for the next three months amounting to 1,260,000 shillings. In total, I received 2,170,000 as payment for my N.S.S.F and compensation for unfair termination. I used 200,000 shillings for resettling at a new School in Kamwokya where I am currently teaching and I hope to use the balance to expand my farm in Mubende.

 “I commend PLA for the great work it is doing in getting justice for the vulnerable and marginalized workers and urge them to continue creating awareness and offering legal aid services