Onen Ibrahim, a 32 year old resident of Ngeta Sub County opens up about his road to self-employment.

‘I was employed as an agronomist at a company for 5 months without pay with my salary arrears amounting to 5.5 million shillings. My employer promised to clear my salary arrears but all was in vain. Life became very difficult because I could no longer afford to take care of my family. In December 2019, I shared my problem with a friend who happened to be a past PLA client. I came to PLA and shared my problem with the legal officer and mediation was held with my former employer. It turned out successful and the employer agreed to pay my arrears in installments. My last installment was paid in January 2019. I used the money to start up an agro business dealing in agricultural supplies and equipment. I am now the proud owner of Lira Farmers’ Support Centre. I am very grateful to PLA for fighting for me on my road to justice.